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Families and Friends of Clients

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you did to represent [ ] during his trial. We are very appreciative for doing everything in your power to help us. Thank you for taking the time to go beyond your duty to make me feel more at ease.”
- Wife of client R.S., in child sex case

“We believe [ ] had the best defense possible and we appreciate your legal expertise and efforts on his behalf.”
- Parents of client R.B., in child sex case

“I want you to know how much I personally feel I am indebted to you. There were times when I felt like my whole life was coming apart. Then, I would see you walking toward our little group in court, and I just felt like everything would be OK because you were there. Almost amazingly, everything really always was OK once you took over ‘your courtroom’. I recognize that I place you on a pedestal, but I value you very, very highly.”
- Wife of client D.K., in child sex case

“Thank you for your help. Your attention was extended, your professional ability obvious and your willingness to understand our very real concerns was appreciated.”
- Wife and client C.S., in Federal fraud case

“We would like to express our gratitude for the very personal attention we received from Joel Thompson, regarding our grandson’s case. We were made to feel that we had a good friend on our case.”
- Grandparents of client D.S., in a child sex case

“You’ll never know how much we appreciate you. Just as surely as I know God put you in our lives nearly 13 years ago, I believe just as strongly, that He intends for you to be the one to finish this battle.”
- Wife of client K.M., in child sex case

“Thank you very much for staying on [ ]’s case - you are the best.”
- Mother of client A.S., in child sex case

“I cannot thank you enough for the integrity, patience, professionalism, honesty, humor, kindness, and support that you gave our son, before, during and after his trial. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone.”
- Mother of client M.S., in sexual assault case

“We continue to think you’re the best defense attorney in AZ, and one of the nicest and most honest human beings. We were just so lucky to find you . . . God had a plan there, for sure!”
- Wife of client D. K., in child sex case

“Thank you for your professional work in getting my son’s self-defense case dismissed. Your skill in bringing forth the facts and the truth was very clear. I am forever indebted to you Joel for taking my son’s case and winning it.”
- Father of client G.C., in self-defense gun case

“If it wasn’t for the great representation and support we got from you, I don’t think we could have survived.”
- Mother of client in above case

“We are very happy with your representation of [ ]. Thank you from the bottom of my soul for all you have done for my son.”
- Parents of client L.Q., in first degree murder case

“Bless you for all your hard work. What would me and my baby have done without you? You were probably the best $93,000 I will ever spend.”
- Father of client E.V., in first degree murder case

“Thank you for your expertise. I know [ ] is in good hands with your representation.”
- Mother of client R.H., in murder case

“My words can never express the heart-felt gratitude I hold for the loyalty and support you showed to [ ] in the court room. I’m certain your presence made a very large difference. I will always remember your kindness.”
- Mother of client E.N., in homicide case

“Joel is a well-mannered, kind, patient, wise-spoken and fair man, with a great sense of humor, whom I respect.”
- Mother of client M.S., in multiple sex crimes case

“I’d like to thank you for the outstanding job you have done. Not only do I respect you as an attorney, but as a gentleman as well.”
- Third party of client S.R., in complex fraud case

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