Joel Erik Thompson, Ltd.

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"You recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of your admission to the bar and the 20th anniversary of your admission to the Bar of this Court. You have served the legal profession with integrity and dedication. Congratulations."
- A Justice of the United States Supreme Court

"Good judgment and sense of honor for our noble profession are too infrequently seen in my court. Your good reputation does preceed you."
- Federal Judge R.S.

"His fine professional background and qualifications are clearly evident. His character, dedication and integrity are of the highest caliber."
- Arizona Superior Court Judge H.P.

"Mr. Thompson is probably one of the best criminal trial lawyers in the State. He is always extremely well-prepared in his cases. He uses good, sound, objective judgment but certainly is an aggressive advocate for his clients. He is honest and open with adversaries, courts and clients. He is calm, reasonable and fair-minded. I can think of no other attorney in this State whose abilities and judgment I so admire. I know he has an extremely high degree of success in all his cases and that he has an excellent reputation among prosecutors, the defense bar and with judges."
- An elected Arizona prosecutor B.L.H.

"In all my years as a prosecutor, I have never seen a more effective and devastating cross-examination of a government witness than that conducted by Mr. Thompson."
- Career prosecutor J.D.

"Joel has high intelligence with good judgement, and an abundance of stamina to cope with the stress placed on a trial lawyer, especially when the stakes are high. A skilled negotiator, his reputation among his criminal law specialist peers is excellent. His successes as a trial lawyer are numerous. Joel is an honest man of good character. I would not hesitate to place my trust in him or his judgment. I would not hesitate to have him as a partner or business associate."
- Attorney R.L.M.

"I was co-counsel with him in a complex drug case. His preparation, trial strategy and knowledge of the law were excellent and greatly responsible for the acquittal of our clients."
- Criminal defense attorney B.H.

"Joel possesses an outstanding reputation in the legal community. His proven ability as a trial attorney demonstrates an analytical ability and good judgment. He is personable, levelheaded and knows the art of negotiation. He has an excellent mix of a technical and artistic background, coupled with outstanding legal experience."
- Career prosecutor R.I.M.

"One of my closest friends, a physician, was charged in U.S. District Court with tax evasion. I confidently referred him to Joel to be represented, knowing his knowledge of the criminal law was impressive, and that he is in trial almost constantly. Although tax evasion cases are overwhelmingly won by the Government, Joel?s handling of the case was instrumental in the Doctor??s acquittal of all charges."
- Attorney B. H.

"I feel he has an outstanding command of trial tactics and an excellent command of the law. He is able to identify and address legal issues expediently, conscientiously and effectively. I know him to be thorough and well-prepared because I have witnessed him in court."
- Criminal defense attorney K.D.F.

"I think of you as a great lawyer and a person. Thanks for always being there for me when I needed your assistance. I admire you so much. You have a great reputation and I really think of you as a role model."
- Criminal defense lawyer J.M.